About Us

Sirkel & Mall is one of the leading architecture and design companies in Estonia. 42 proffesional engineers are creating innovative and functional solutions every day in our office. While being projecting contractors, we cover the whole development cycle for the clients (from the research to the techincal drawings). Our service portfolio is wide-ranging – from an apartment to factory town.

We design in Estonia, Norway, Finland and Sweden – in 10 years we have compiled over 600 projects. In architecture, structural design and MEP engineering we use BIM software and by that we are giving office buildings and shopping malls compound solutions and make even the most difficult manufacturing buildings work.

By using BIM software daily, the projects have an automatic correlation-/error-checking which enables flawless projects and highly precise volumes of records. In addition to Estonian projecting companies, we also have most experience in designing energy-saving buildings.


By 2020 Sirkel & Mall OÜ is an internationally operating innovative leader in Estonian design market.


Improved living enviroment


Key-values are the basis for the way we work:

Quality – By searching for the best possible solutions, we reach the result which satisfies both the client and us. The client needs to be aware that the project is fully resolved, so that client would cooperate with us in the future.

Reliability –In Sirkel & Mall reliability means keeping promises and the deadlines of the project.

Professionalism – In Sirkel & Mall we think that professionalism is expressed in our attitude, behavior and in our professional skills by which we can solve a given task the best possible way.

Innovation – In Sirkel & Mall we use creative and modern solutions.

40+ professionals